Liquid Wallpaper

•Creates an exquisite and elegant decorative durable paint finish

•Has the visual effect of traditional wallpaper

•Ideally suited to hot and humid climate, does not tear nor bubble over time

•Product is steam, water and mould resistant

•Perfectly suited for kitchens, bathrooms, steam rooms, beauty spa’s and hairdressing salons

•Transform any space - colour flexibility – we can tint the base to any colour desired

•Eco-friendly product, water based with no VOC’s

•Variety of pearlized top coats, including champagne gold, rose gold, silver white, glossy black


•Personalise your home or office

•Popular with both the residential and commercial markets

•Includes Texts, Stripes, threads, customised stencils and many more


•Professionally painted refurbishment of kitchen cupboards

•Painting over any surface including wrap and melamine doors

•Kitchen makeovers are durable and cost effective


• Make a statement in any room

• Endless choice of hi-res designs off

• Can be printed in wide widths, therefore not many join lines

• Durable and lasting

• Can be wiped to clean

• Perfect for home, office and retail